THE DRAGON’S SON tells how a one-thousand-year-old prophecy takes Sian Wolff from Scotland to Transylvania to destroy the vampire known as Dracula. But a Lycan, a small boy, a man-hating goat, a ghost, and the mythological Sword of Nuada contrive to keep Sian from fulfilling her destiny. When she finally does arrive at the castle…well, you’ll just have to read the novel to learn the ending.


The series continues Sian’s adventures as she searches for Dracula’s lair and the elusive Sword of Nuada. More annoying is the presence of Lira Conor in Bistritz, for Lira has designated herself wife-in-waiting to the handsome Lycan, Brenin ap Rhys, even though Brenin has made it clear it is Sian who is his mate. Complications, complications. Can’t a girl just do her job and go home to Scotland?


The third book in the series takes Sian and Brenin to London as they follow Dracula to his new home. Sian finally has the Sword of Nuada in her grasp, but her quarry has flown the coop…uh, castle. Still trying to fulfill her destiny, Sian’s a little perturbed that Dracula isn’t making this easy. And now he’s hired Sebastian, the butler from hell—literally—whose job is to keep Sian from saving Dracula’s soul before she destroys him. Lira’s back, trying to kill Sian; the Grey King is trying to kill Brenin. And Sian has lost her magic. Talk about a bad day.



Pandemonium reigns when a family of pixies invades Dracula’s castle—until one is killed by a vindictive ghost. Dracula risks his own life in order to exorcise the spirit of his second wife.